Oates Feather Duster Medium


A lightweight, medium sized feather duster made with GENUINE OSTRICH feathers designed to trap dust, dirt & small debris. Gentle on furnishings & delicate surfaces providing a thorough clean.

DIMENSIONS: 718 x 190 x 100mm

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Oates Feather Duster Medium

The Ostrich feather is unique in its durability, softness and flexibility. The configuration of the feathers helps create a static charge when rubbed against a surface that attracts and holds dust which can then be shaken out or washed off. Because of its similar makeup to human hair, care of the ostrich feather requires only an occasional wash with mild detergent and and then it can be air dried.


  • Genuine ostrich feathers.
  • Dust is trapped within the feathers for a thorough clean.
  • Gentle on furnishings, electrical appliances and delicate surfaces.
  • Ideal for dusting large surface areas.