Tasman Fabcon Liquid Fabric Softener


FABCON is a thick yellow liquid with a pleasant floral fragrance. It contains a specialized fabric softener and conditioner as well as a bacteria-stat.


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Tasman Fabcon Liquid Fabric Softener

FABCON performs two roles in one operation – it softens fabrics as well as eliminating static charge on the fabric. FABCON leaves fabrics fragrantly fresh, easy to iron and wrinkle free.


  • Used during the final rinse cycle after the laundering of towels and bed linen and to reduce the static cling in polyester and other synthetic garments.
  • FABCON can be used in both top and front loading washing machines.
  • FABCON can also be employed in on premise laundries as found in motels, nursing homes, hospitals and hotels.

Features & Benefits:

– Concentrated liquid

– Ensures economical dose rates

– Contains a bacteriastat

– Leaves clothes sanitised and germ free

– Contains a high quality perfume

– Leaves a fresh floral fragrance on the garment

– Has antistatic properties

– Reduces static charge on synthetic garments to allow for easy ironing