Execute Surface Spray

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EXECUTE is a long lasting residual insecticide specifically formulated to control crawling insects in both domestic and industrial applications.

APPLICATION Spray EXECUTE directly onto insects for fast kill or spray onto surfaces for up to two months barrier protection from crawling insects. Spray walls, windows, and ceilings paying particular attention to areas where insects aggregate.

BENEFITS • Provides two months barrier protection on hard surfaces against crawling insects. • Low mammalian toxicity.

• EXECUTE contains one of the most effective residual insecticides known today.

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1. Remove all food and food utensils from the area to be sprayed. Turn off all fans, air conditioners, gas heaters and any source of naked flames.

2. Pour EXECUTE into a hand operated sprayer and spray directly onto insects for fast kill.

3. For a barrier protection of surfaces spray the surface to be treated to the point of drip or run off.

4. Leave the area that has been sprayed for up to two hours and thoroughly wipe down all food preparation areas with hot water before food re-enters the room.

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