OATES Eager Beaver Floor Pads

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The Eager Beaver Floor Pads have a unique colour coded system which allows the user to easily distinguish which pad is suitable for each job. They range from a soft polishing pad, to heavy duty scrubbers & stripping pads.

Available Colours: White, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Black



OATES Eager Beaver Floor Pads

Designed for a variety of polishing, scrubbing & stripping duties, these Oates® Eager Beaver Pads are ideal for professional floor cleaning and maintenance. Multiple colours are available, each with varying levels of abrasiveness.


  • WHITE – The softest & most versatile option. These are a non abrasive polishing pad ideal for soft buffing, polishing & light cleaning duties.
  • RED – Ideal for light duty scrubbing to gently remove grease & grime buildup.
  • BLUE – Ideal for medium duty scrubbing & everyday jobs.
  • GREEN – Ideal for heavy duty scrubbing and removing tough built-up grime.
  • BROWN – Ideal for medium duty stripping and removing light wax build up.
  • BLACK – Ideal for super heavy duty stripping and removing heavy wax build up.


– Oates Eager Beaver Floor Tool on Handle FP-601H

– Oates Eager Beaver Floor Tool FP-601

– Oates Eager Beaver Hand Tool FP-602

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Black, Brown, Red, White, Green, Blue