Drum Tap Black


Screws into the bunghole found at the bottom of 15L, 20L and 25 L bulk cleaning drums, designed to make dispensing of chemicals easier & safer.

Suitable For Use On: 15 Litre | 20 Litre | 25 Litre Drums

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Drum Tap Black

The black plastic taps are designed to make it easier to decant chemicals. The taps will screw directly into a 20L drum. A nozzle is then turned in order for the chemicals to be dispensed. The tap can be used to pour the chemicals directly into a spray bottle, mop bucket, or other item.

There is no easy way to get product out of a drum without a tap. This makes it easier for dispensing so that there is no spill and no time consuming task of having to fill another bottle or bucket.


– Easy to use

– Fits 15L, 20L + 25L Drums

– Made from durable plastic