Sabco Deep Clean Wheel Brush


Flexible, long brush tool specifically designed for the professional cleaning of wheel rims.

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Sabco Deep Clean Wheel Brush

The Turtle Wax Deep Clean Wheel Brush will give your wheels a deep clean and remove any baked on brake dust. Manufactured with gentle bristles attached to a flexible wire head, allowing deep cleaning in tight spaces and around corners.


Use of a wheel brush means less cleaning solution is required to achieve the same result, giving more washes out of a single bottle. Featuring an ergonomic soft grip handle, it enables comfortable operation with reduced fatigue. To protect the integrity of the bristles, be sure to hang the brush after use.


  • Cleans even the tightest and hard to reach areas.
  • Flexible and durable bristles for effective scrubbing off of the built up brake dust.
  • Soft grip handle for comfortable use.


  1. Wash brush head regularly in warm soapy water to remove any build up of dirt and debris.
  2. Hang up brush after use to prevent the brush head fibres from becoming compressed or flat.