Clean Plus Quick Break Solvent Degreaser


Heavy hydrocarbon degreasers and selected surfactants. Guaranteed emulsion break up within 20 minutes.


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Clean Plus Quick Break Solvent Degreaser

QB Solvent Degreaser is a yellow thin liquid with a paraffinic odour. This formula contains a blend of aliphatic petroleum and high aromatic solvents together which enables product to penetrate to the very bottom of concrete pores. The product will then dissolve and soften the oil and grease. By using non-ionic surfactants in the formula, this product will emulsify away all traces of oil, grease and dirt leaving a clean surface. QB Solvent Degreaser is an industrial degreaser and is suitable for use in garages and machinery sites.


  • Quick and effective.
  • Fast emulsion breaking in less than 20 minutes.
  • Suitable for garages and machinery cleaning sites.


  1. Apply undiluted onto the area to be cleaned. Components may also be soaked in the undiluted product.
  2. Allow time for the product to penetrate the dirt and grease, approximately 10 – 15 minutes.
  3. Rinse or hose with clean water into collection system.
  4. Collect rinse water and degreaser emulsions, leaving the oily residues floating on the surface of the water. The water and oil phases can then be separated by conventional oil-water preparation equipment and disposal of the separate phases by appropriate methods.