Septone Chlori Clean – Foaming Cleaner & Sanitiser


A foaming, chlorine based cleaner & sanitiser which is suitable for use in commercial kitchens, cold rooms, abattoirs, butcher shops, fishing vessels and refrigerated transport.

Available Size: 20 Litre

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Septone Chlori Clean – Foaming Cleaner & Sanitiser

Chlori-Clean is a heavy-duty, foaming, chlorine based cleaner/sanitiser which has been formulated to provide vertical cling. Chlori-Clean incorporates biodegradable surfactants and sodium hypochlorite to penetrate into the soil to simultaneously clean and sanitise.

CHLORI-CLEAN CLEANER & SANITISER can be used in a variety of different applications including the following:

  • Cleaning of food preparation surfaces
  • Ideal for the removal of mould which grows in refrigerator seals and in the grouting of tiled areas
  • General cleaning and sanitising in cold rooms, abattoirs, butcher shops, on fishing vessels and refrigerated transport
  • Removal of grease, grime and kitchen fat and oil from most washable surfaces
  • Can be used on fibreglass, stainless steel, ceramic, quarry and terrazzo tiles, grouting, concrete, brick, masonry, sandstone, porcelain and glass
  • Remove mould, soap scum and body fat build-up on glass shower screens, on the tiles in shower recesses and from porcelain, fibreglass and acrylic baths
  • Sanitise garbage bins, kitchen tidies, eskies, pool surrounds and under eaves

Features & Benefits:

– Foaming formula will stick to vertical surfaces for disinfecting benefits

– Sanitisation properties

– Multi purpose