Septone Washroom Blockettes Perfumed Urinal Blocks


Perfumed deodorant blocks suitable for toilets & urinals to freshen the air.

Diameter: Each blockette is 75MM in diameter, with a depth of 20MM and a mass of 100G.


PLEASE NOTE: This product is classed as ‘Dangerous Goods’ for transport purposes & therefore is only available for pickup or local delivery.

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Septone Washroom Blockettes Perfumed Urinal Blocks

Washroom Blockettes are perfumed p-Dichlorobenzene blocks which are used in toilets and urinals to suppress malodours and freshen the air. Blockettes slowly release their perfumed vapours into the air, replacing unpleasant odours.

Blockettes are more than 99% active p-Dichlorobenzene, as compared with some toilet deodorant blocks on the market, based on actives other than p-Dichlorobenzene, which contain less than 5% active ingredient.

Features & Benefits:

– Tutti frutti fragrance

– Deodorises & freshens air

– Slow release formula to last longer


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