Septone Bactrasan No Rinse Sanitiser


Sanitises food preparation surfaces, utensils & equipment. Commercial strength disinfectant & sanitiser which inhibits mould growth.


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Septone Bactrasan No Rinse Sanitiser

A powerful liquid quaternary ammonium based product with exceptional sanitising and fungicidal properties.

BACTRASAN may be used in a variety of different ways including the following:

  • Sanitising of previously cleaned food processing equipment in the food manufacture, brewing, cordial and soft drink industries
  • In abattoirs, restaurants and canteens
  • Mould control in cool rooms – treatment using Bactrasan once every six months will provide residual fungistatic activity to satisfactorily control mould growth
  • Also be used for the sterilisation of water in foot baths as a means of controlling tinea and other fungal diseases

Features & Benefits:

– Santisation and fungicidal properties

– Suitable for commercial kitchens

– Mould removal and prevention

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