NuTech Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser


A sleek, wall mountable air freshener dispenser which allows the user to adjust the frequency of sprays.


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NuTech Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser

The NuTech Air Freshener Spray Dispenser is compatible with the Newaire range of Aerosol Air Freshener Sprays. Designed to neutralise malodours, leaving a long lasting refreshing fragrance. The NuTech System has flexible programming options, allowing the user to adjust frequency of sprays. Compatible with generic standard aerosol cans, the NuTech Dispenser functions off 1x D-Cell Battery which lasts up to 24 months.


  • Aerosol system with flexible programming options.
  • Quick refilling and long battery life for easy maintenance.
  • Keeps air fresh 24 hours a day.
  • Solid impact resistant ABS plastic.
  • Lockable design to prevent pilferage.
  • Ability to ‘Check’ remaining sprays per can.
  • Compatible with standard aerosol refill can including Newaire Air Freshener


  1. Use key to open & remove lock assembly, do not separate key from plug assembly.
  2. Open hinged cover from the top, down.
  3. Insert 1x D-Cell Alkaline battery into unit.
  4. Follow instructions as per included manual to select the desired operation mode.


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