Kitchen Tidy Liner – Degradable


A high quality universal bin liner made with degradable EPI, suitable for indoor use with lighter loads.

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Degradable Kitchen Tidy Liner

Degradable Kitchen Tidy Liners are made of high quality virgin HDPE. Degradable EPI is designed to break down in landfill, providing a more environmentally friendly option.  Suitable for large office spaces and kitchen waste bins.

DEGRADABLE KITCHEN TIDY LINERS contain the following Features & Benefits:

  • Green
  • Degradable design
  • Thinner, lighter material for ease of transporting
  • Packaged on a roll for easy accessibility and storage


– 36L

– 700mm x 590 mm

– Each roll contains 50 liners

– Each carton contains 20 rolls

– Price listed is per carton